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Gymnastic Rings

Gymnastic rings offer a great range of strength and conditioning options for the MMA Athlete. Chins, Dips, Muscle Ups and many other exercises will produce great upper body and core strength. Plus, their unstable nature will help you build functional flexibility throughout the shoulder girdle.

Elite Rings are, in our opinion, the best on the market.

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At one time, gymnastics rings were a fixture in nearly every gym. Back then, people were as strong as they looked! We were the first to bring gymnastics ring training back into the general fitness community and the results have been amazing. Our equipment has been used to train professional athletes and teams, elite military units, Hollywood movies and primetime TV shows. Our goal of bringing functional and effective gymnastics training to the masses has been a huge success. We owe a big thanks not to advertising, but our customers, for spreading the word about the effectiveness of ring training.

Why is gymnastics a good approach for developing Elite Fitness?
  • Functional and Varied movements
  • Train Pullups, Dips, Pushups, the Muscle-Up and many more great movements
  • History of unrivaled results for hundreds of years
  • Only small, portable equipment is required
  • Progressions are safe, effective and can be used by anyone
  • Develops the aesthetically pleasing physique of a gymnast
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